From the very beginning, Shtandart was a fully volunteer project, born as the dream of a historic ship. It started with a small group of enthusiasts and grew as more people joined in. Now, we know that a true dream is achievable, as exemplified by the creation of the frigate Shtandart. We express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to building Shtandart and continues to help maintain this beautiful sailing ship.

Shtandart has been sailing for more than 20 years, and during the first year of operation, it became very clear that additional funds are required to operate, manage and maintain Shtandart in a professional way. 

Today our Project is funded in three ways:

  1. By financial and material donations from companies, trusts, organisations and individuals. 
  2. By income received from filmings, Tall Ships events, Maritime Festivals, visitors and functions aboard ship. 
  3. By selling souvenirs. 

Together with other friends of the project, you can take part in keeping the traditions of sea adventures on the real sailing ship, and help us pass on knowledge of historical navigation to future generations.

There are various ways that you can help the Shtandart Project, ranging from sponsoring a hammock to donating engines (as in the case of Volvo!) Naturally we do not expect any more engines, however help to the project can be in almost any form.

Interested parties are warmly invited to become a supporter of the Project. (Please contact us for details). 


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