Terms and conditions

  • The voyage crew commits to maintaining a positive image of the frigate Shtandart through respectful behavior, courteous treatment of visitors, maintaining a presentable appearance, adhering to uniform guidelines, and similar expectations. The voyage crew acknowledges and agrees that they are not compensated for duties performed on board the vessel.
  • The voyage crew to consistently adhere to all reasonable and lawful directives of the Captain or their assistants, conduct themselves with dignity, and act in the best interests of the ship.
  • The voyage crew pledges to fulfill their designated responsibilities and execute their duties on the ship with due diligence and quality.
  • The voyage crew is obligated to comply with safety and environmental regulations.
  • The voyage crew confirms their voluntary participation in the voyage of the frigate Shtandart, fully understanding and accepting the associated risks of sailing on a sports vessel, along with the responsibility for their life, health, and personal belongings.
  • Before the voyage commences, the voyage crew undertakes to provide a valid travel document (passport or ID) for the entire duration of the journey and necessary visas as required for the specified route.
  • The voyage crew affirms their physical fitness and the absence of any health-related restrictions for sailing on a sports vessel.
  • The voyage crew holds independent responsibility for navigating customs and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.
  • The voyage crew agrees not to bring or store firearms, hazardous objects, drugs, or alcohol on board.
  • Shtandart Project provides the voyage crew with the following during the voyage (if longer than 4 hours): high-quality food, accommodation, safe working conditions, health protection, and the option to acquire the uniform as personal property.
  • The voyage crew independently bears the costs associated with their stay on board and expenses for traveling to and from the ship’s location.
  • The voyage crew is familiar with and agrees to the terms and conditions of residing on board the frigate Shtandart.
  • The ship operates under a three-watch system (4 hours every 8 hours), with the Captain establishing the order of watch-keeping at sea and in port.
  • The Captain retains the right to disembark a voyage crew for violations of these rules, gross breaches of discipline, or any act threatening the safety of any individual on the ship, irrespective of the ship’s current location.