Gift certificate

A nice idea for an unforgettable gift – the certificate for any voyage with the Shtandart. Your loved ones will be able to chose the most convenient time and route*. Gift certificates are valid for the next three years. 
The Shtandart frigate certificate gives the right to participate in any Shtandart voyage.

This is an amazing, unusual, emotional gift-adventure for someone you like

You can also give the certificate to yourself. If, for example, you have not decided yet on the date of your vacation, you cannot go abroad in the near future, but you know exactly that you want at sea on a real sailing ship, there is an opportunity to start moving towards your dream right now! In addition, this is an economical option, because the payment for the certificate is less than for a standard week journey.

How to purchase a certificate

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or send the application (and questions, if any) to, you will receive payment instructions.
Like any other contribution to participation in the voyage, the certificate does not cover the costs associated with the journey to the place of boarding the Shtandart and back, visa costs and other personal expenses on shore.

After payment, we will assign a number to your personalized certificate, enter it into our database, and agree on how, if necessary, you will receive a certificate in the form of a material postcard.

Before purchasing a certificate, read the rules for participation in sailing on the Shtandart and make sure that this is the gift that you or your loved one will be happy with.

How to use the certificate

Choose your route and send us this information to, indicating the number of the certificate.

The trip schedule is drawn up approximately six months in advance and is regularly updated. The earlier you decide on the route*, the more likely it is that there will be empty seats at the voyage you like. If at the time of purchasing the certificate you already know which stage you plan to go to, let us know immediately by filling out the application.

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

The certificate can be reissued to another person at the request of its purchaser or owner.

If it is impossible to use the certificate due to circumstances that have arisen on our part, the all funds paid for it will be returned to you.

*We kindly ask you to notify us by e-mail 30 days before the start of the chosen journey. E-mail:

Gift certificate

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