La Rochelle – Tanger – Sete 25.02-26.03

La Rochelle – Tanger – Sete 25.02-26.03

Departure Port: La Rochelle
Boarding: 25.02.2024 at 10:00
Departure: 25.02.2024 at 17:30
Destination Port: Sete
Arrival: 25.03.2024 at 17:00
Desembarque: 26.03.2024 at 10:00
Days on Board: 31
Contribution for the Sailing Organisation: €2900/€2250

A month on board of most authentic replica 3-masted frigate Shtandart. La Rochelle – Vigo – Tangier – Port-de-bouc – Sète. Sail the seas under the square sails of a famous frigate !

Embark on a memorable crossing through the unpredictable Bay of Biscay, the famous Gibraltar Straight and the splendid Mediterranean! Travel more than 1,800 nautical miles in one go! You will will hoist and furl sails, steer the ship at the helm, meet new friends and see Maroccan port Tanger. This is best practice in seamanship. There are no passengers – each person on board is true crew-member.  You will learn everything a good sailor needs to know, from life on board of 18th century frigate, to sailing maneuver and cannon-firing.

If you have a thirst for discovery, a passion for the sea and you are dynamic, you have the three essential elements to sail with us!

Our trip will end in style with the largest maritime festival in the Mediterranean – the Escale à Sète.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and reserve your places now!

Alojamiento y comodidades:

Elige dormir en una hamaca, como hacían los marineros hace tres siglos, u opta por una litera. Tanto en el mar como en tierra, ofrecemos cuatro comidas al día. La vida a bordo se divide en guardias, en las que participarás activamente durante toda tu estancia.

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*Cost for travelers 25 years and younger.

If you are under 25 years old, please use the coupon code 25yo-650 on the checkout tab before proceeding to pay for your reservation.