We’ll be very glad to provide your team with the opportunity to do filming for documentary, historical, adventure or sci-fi projects onboard the exact replica of Peter the Great’s 1703 built frigate Shtandart. 

Key points and highlights: 

The exact replica Shtandart was built using authentic materials, methods and techniques of the Peter the Great era; 

The interior of the ship is characteristic of the time, carvings and decorative details are all hand-made, following the original designs and patterns of the time; 

Modern equipment and elements are fully concealed; 

Guns and artillery equipment, buckets and carpenter tools, tableware, hammocks and other items onboard were carefully recreated to accurately represent the historical era; 

Guns are in perfect working order, ready to be fired; 

Filming on location eliminates the need for designing and building special sets and props; 

Filming onboard a real ship allows for close ups of actors and parts of the ship in the action scenes;
A special boat is available to film the frigate in motion at sea, under full sails; 
Plenty of opportunities for filming from unusual angles!

Ship’s technical specs: 

Length (with bowsprit) – 34.5 m 
Length on deck – 25.5 m 
Maximum width – 7 m 
Draught – 3.3 m 
Tonnage – 220 t 
Maximum masts height – 33 m 
Body – oak and larch 
Spars – ship building pine 
Engines – Volvo Penta TAMD 122P, 2 x 560 horsepower 
Electrical generator – (220V), 32 kWt

Please contact us (voyage@shtandart.eu) for further details!