Excursions for schools

Explore the history of the 18th century navigation with our crew

While staying in port Shtandart works like the museum of life aboard the 18th century frigate. During the visit you will discover ship’s different living and navigation spaces, learn about history of original Shtandart and about the replica construction, understand the specificity of its square rigging, and talk with crew members.

Key points and highlights: 

The exact replica Shtandart was built using authentic materials, methods and techniques of the Peter the Great era; 

The interior of the ship is characteristic of the time, carvings and decorative details are all hand-made, following the original designs and patterns of the time; 

Modern equipment and elements are fully concealed; 

Guns and artillery equipment, buckets and carpenter tools, tableware, hammocks and other items onboard were carefully recreated to accurately represent the historical era.

  1. Castillo de proa
  2. Cubierta principal (combés)
  3. Cubierta del alcázar
  4. Cabina del almirante
  5. Sala de máquinas
  6. Interior del alcázar
  7. Comedor (rancho)
  8. Camarotes del capitán y los oficiales
  9. Camarotes de la tripulación

Please contact us to book a visit: voyage@shtandart.eu