Alojamiento y seguridad

Alojamiento y seguridad

Onboard Shtandart, everyone can join the atmosphere of 18th century sailing ship.

At the same time, being a replica of the 18th century frigate, Shtandart offers modern levels of comfort and safety.


The Shtandart ship has been tested for compliance with the safety standards of the German maritime administration BG Verkehr, and has a certificate from the Dutch Register of Historical and Sailing Vessels Register Holland.

Shtandart is hauled out annually for the inspection and repair of the hull, propellers and shafts. The hull below the waterline is scraped clean of seaweed and barnacles and gets a mandatory fresh coat of anitfouling paint. Aside from set maintenance dates, the professional crew and volunteers take care of the spar and rigging, ship’s appearance and condition of the living quarters all year round.

The ship had a major refit in 2016/2017 at the Baretto&Filhoes shipyard. The main deck was replaced, a new watertight bulwark installed, electric systems and pipes completely renovated.

Before the start of each sailing voyage each participant of the voyage must undergo a detailed safety briefing, which includes actions in routine and emergency situations, as well as procedures for using personal and collective rescue equipment.


Shtandart’s crew’s quarters has capacity for 12 people plus further sleeping arrangements with 20 hammocks. If a medical condition prevents you from sleeping in a hammock (back problems etc.) please inform us well in advance and we will give you a place in the crew’s quarters.

Facilities onboard include 2 toilets/showers with hot and cold water. A washing machine is available, but the ship’s policy demands economic consumption of water at sea.

Four meals a day are served during normal sailing conditions. We can accommodate specific dietary preferences or restrictions such as vegetarian diets or allergy considerations. Sailors with special dietary requirements are encouraged to actively participate in the preparation of their meals.

There isn’t much baggage storage onboard, therefore we ask you to bring compact bags.