Volontär werden

Volontär werden

Become a volunteer

If you —

  • have time, energy and great will to become a member of the ship’s crew;
  • dream to find friends and team-mates from different countries and to become a part of a close team;
  • would like to learn something new;
  • are fond of sea, sailing and adventure —

then the Volunteers Program of Shtandart Project is here for you! Shtandart needs you! The ship was built by shipbuilding enthusiasts and continues to thrive thanks to voluntary assistance. The volunteer team is a consolidated structure that has been supporting the project for many years, helping it stay on course.

You can help by taking part in our volunteer program that allows everyone who wants to become a part of Shtandart’s team and sail with Shtandart.

There are several ways to join us:

  • You can come to Shtandart in autumn or winter for maintenance works. 3 days of participation in repairs/wintering = 1 day at sea. We will account for your active participation in the affairs of Shtandart over the past 3 years: repairs in port, gangway watches during festivals, help with the website, etc.
  • Also, we are waiting for people who can come for a long time, for 3-6 months. The fact is that newcomers usually need some time to get to know the ship and find out how they can really help. The professional crew must approve the presence of a volunteer on board. We will consider each application individually and confirm it via WhatsApp or email.
  • You can regularly help us via the remote volunteer program (just write us an e-mail to voyage@shtandart.eu).
  • You can also participate on a commercial basis in one or more voyages of Shtandart and prove yourself as a very smart and helpful participant (the decision is made by captain on board after the expiration of the paid-voyage).

For the volunteers who want to apply for Shtandart, we made an electronic table. Now you can see when there are open volunteer places on board, and when all the slots are occupied. It will also be clear exactly when Shtandart really needs your help.

In the table you need to enter your first and last name, put a “1” on the days you wish to be on board, and fill those cells with yellow.

When the application is confirmed, we will mark in green those days for which there is a “go-ahead”.

Since 01.01.14 on board of Shtandart there is a fee collected from all the volunteers for food  – €10 per day.

If you would like to become a volunteer of Shtandart Project, please contact us: voyage@shtandart.eu.