Corporate events

If you are looking for an unusual place to hold an event, a reception, a team-building exercise, a lecture, a seminar or even simply a special lunch or dinner with friends, family or colleagues, we would like to offer you an opportunity to have your event onboard our 28-gun 18th century Russian tall-ship! 

Frigate Shtandart is a full-size replica of the historical ship. The original was constructed and built by Peter the Great in 1703. The replica was built in St-Petersburg in 1999. 

Authentic techniques and building methods used during the construction of the ship, beautiful carvings and details inside, the sight and the sound of her powerful sails and members of the crew in their historical uniform will create an unforgettable impression and add a unique flair to your event. 

Receptions can be held onboard the ship quayside. Deck space of 100 sq. meters will comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. Cosy interior, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and cocktails will help the conversations flow. If you prefer, arrangements can be made to have a caterer of your choice. 

Day trips. An exciting event for your group, team or company. Sailing within 5 miles of shore, trips can last from 2 to 8 hours. Maximum number of guests – 100 people. Meals and drinks can be served (buffet-style). Guests will have an opportunity to steer a three-mast historic tall-ship, have a go at working the sails (perhaps with some help from the crew : ) or just take in a magnificent view from the topmast. The feeling is truly amazing! 

Team-building events. A chance for your colleagues to become crew of Shtandart for a day or two. Team-building doesn’t get better than this! You’ll have to do all the work of running the ship – setting the sails, keeping watch, plotting the course… But don’t panic, 7 full-time crew will provide you with safety instructions, necessary training and explanations before you set sail. 

Lunch or dinner with friends, family, colleagues or partners. Full lunch or dining menu for 25 people in the mess room or for 12 people in the Admiral’s cabin. Traditional Russian cuisine will surprise and delight. Plus, a time travel experience guaranteed. The setting, the costumes, a very special atmosphere, we’ll easily take you more than 300 years into the past! 

Lectures and seminars held in such an unusual and unique surroundings will encourage thinking more ‘out of the box’ and perhaps will help see things from a new perspective!

Live action role-playing (LARP) on the real sailing ship. The unique atmosphere of the frigate Shtandart will help you plunge directly into the era of sea discoveries and voyages, or the golden age of piracy. With Shtandart your LARP game will become a real exciting adventure that will give you incredible emotions and a lot of fun!

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