Information for Shtandart volunteers

Information for Shtandart volunteers

Information for Shtandart volunteers

Anyone who has a strong desire to do so can go on sea voyages of the Shtandart. Even if he/she is limited in money or time. For those who are limited in time, but are not strapped in financial means, everything is relatively simple: choose a free week, book your participation on the website, and (after deciding visa and transport issues) come on board for sea voyages.

Those who are limited in money can come to Shtandart as a volunteer, for a few days, or even a few months. Sea voyages are to some extent a “privilege”, and the right to it must be earned by participating in ship affairs.

According to an already established tradition, the conditions for volunteer participation in voyages are:

3 days of participation in repairs/wintering = 1 day at sea. We will account for your active participation in the affairs of Shtandart over the past 3 years: repairs in port, gangway watches during festivals, help with the website, etc.

We made an electronic table to count the volunteers who applied for Shtandart. Now you can see when there are open volunteer places on board, and when all the slots are occupied. It will also be clear exactly when Shtandart really, really needs your help.

The voyage schedule has so far only been compiled for the spring, but we will be adding to it.

This spring we want the crossings to be: crew + volunteers -> maximum 20 people. We will reserve the remaining places for trainees.

In the summer (from June 15), the Shtandart will have only 15 seats of “crew plus volunteers”.

If you have the desire and opportunity to come to the Shtandart for sea voyages, then the sooner you decide on the dates of your trip, the more opportunities you have to get on board.

We are also considering long-term volunteering options – from 3 to 6 months.

The professional crew must approve the presence of a volunteer on board. We will consider each application individually and confirm it via WhatsApp or email.

If you are applying for a long stay on board, be prepared to pay 10 euros per day to compensate for food (exceptions are possible, depending on individual circumstances).

In the table you need to enter your first and last name, put a “1” on the days you wish to be on board, and fill those cells with yellow.

When the application is confirmed, we will mark in green those days for which there is a “go-ahead”.

The first date for the professional crew to sum up the results of the “application” campaign is January 15.